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Sans Amp GT2

Berikut adalah sirkuit dari Sans Amp GT2 tube amplifier emulator, yang perlu diperhatikan adalah 3 saklar mode jenis karakter suaranya (ada 4 kaki dengan 3 tap berbeda), karena jarang tersedia dipasaran maka Anda bisa menggantinya dengan rotary switch 3 tap.

san_amp_gt2_layout-300x118 Sans Amp GT2

san_amp_gt2_part_list-300x169 Sans Amp GT2

san_amp_gt2_schematics-300x147 Sans Amp GT2

Berikut ini skema Sans Amp GT2 yang telah direvisi oleh DarkAngel Rusia

sagt2-300x175 Sans Amp GT2


The SansAmp GT2 is a direct-in or preamp-in tube amplifier emulator. Basically, that means this product helps the user reproduce that warm, natural sound of a tube amp, all while allowing the tonal personality of the instrument to remain unaltered. To go a step further, the GT2 doesn’t just emulate a “generic” tube sound, but instead can be adjusted to emulate the tones of some of the worlds greatest tube amps like Fender, Marshall, and Mesa/Boogie. And the best part is that getting these great tones is easy.

As I usually do after receiving a new piece of equipment, I did a quick read through the owners manual and was happy to find that it looked like operating the GT2 was going to be a piece of cake. It was! On that note, I feel the need to mention one of my favorite “features” that came with this Tech21 product. The funny thing is, it’s not even an option on the unit itself, but instead something I found in the owner’s manual a quick-start, sample-settings guide. These few pages are a great idea, and a great way to get someone started using the GT2. Although I personally like the challenge of tweaking and changing settings in search of that perfect tone (regardless of what type of equipment I’m testing), the fact that I was able to get into the ballpark of a sound I was looking for quickly, was definitely well received. This is also a nice benefit to those musicians that may not be familiar with the classic tube amp sounds being emulated here. They may not know what they’re looking for and this gives them great place to start.

Now, back to that tweaking I said I love so much. The SansAmp GT2 has 4 guide knobs and 3 “Character” switches. The “Drive” knob controls the overall amount of gain and overdrive. The “High” and “Low” knobs are active tone controls. As the manual states, boosting Low and High compensates for the limited range of speaker cabinets and combos. The “Level” knob adjusts the output level without altering any of the tonal characteristics. But it’s in the character switches where things start to get really interesting.

There are 3 “Amp” switch settings located on the SansAmp GT2 and each one represents a different style of amplifier. The “Tweed,” “British,” and “California,” represent the Fender-style, Marshall-style, and Mesa/Boogie-style, respectively. The “Mod” switch is used to influence the gain of the Amp-style selected. 20lean” resembles a stock tube amp set up, while “Hi-Gain” and “Hot-Wired” push out a more overdriven sound. The last of the character switches is the “Mic” switch. Here the “Classic” setting increases the mid-range and gives greater definition to the notes. The manual recommends this for classic early tube amp sounds and for live applications. The “Center” setting gives greater high mid-range and increased low end, and is recommended for getting a bigger, stronger crunch sound. And the “Off-Axis” setting is similar to the Center setting, but produces a smoother sound with less upper mid-range.

Now that I had an understanding of what these controls did, I was ready to start the fun. I first plugged my ESP LTD 300 guitar into the SansAmp GT2, then ran the GT2 into our Mackie 808S Powered Professional Mixer that supplies power to our two 300 watt speaker cabinets. I decided that I would try some of the sample settings from the owner’s manual to get started with. All of these sample settings provided great sounds, but I soon found myself in a frenzy of knob turning and switch pushing. I was finding that I could produce so many great sounds with this little box that I couldn’t make up my mind what I liked best. Was it the Marshall Plexi style, or was it the tone I got when I started with the sample setting for the Boogie Original style, then added a bit more low end and drive to the mix? Decisions, decisions But hey, that’s a good thing, right? Versatility and variety are always positives regardless of what kind of gear you’re working with and those are certainly things you get with the GT2.

Next, to be sure I gave the GT2 a good, well rounded, working over, I decided to see how it sounded through a guitar amplifier. I knew it sounded great through the PA, but would it shine through an amp the same way? To my pleasure, it did! Using the same guitar, I ran the GT2 into my Fender Princeton Chorus, solid state amp. I used the clean channel on the amp and left all of my EQ settings as I normally would when playing. I then tried out all of the favorite settings I had found from my previous session, and the GT2 reproduced them through the amp splendidly. I was even able to improve on a few of the sounds by activating the chorus function on the amp. I love what chorus can add to some sounds and had a blast letting the creativity flow. As a matter of fact, keep in mind you can use a variety of other effects with the GT2 as well. Try adding some delay, reverb, chorus (like I did) or even a wah pedal to really shape your sound. The manual will even tell you where in line (before or after the GT2) to place the additional effects.

The next test was to see what the SansAmp GT2 could do for an old 15 watt, Peavey practice amp. This idea stemmed from me seeing the lonely, neglected, little piece of equipment sitting in the corner of a friends’ basement (he apparently upgraded to a bigger/better amp and the Peavey’s been untouched ever since.) I first tried out the amp in its natural state. Before the GT2 was used the overdrive was existent, but not very impressive, and the overall sound was, as you might expect, just kind of blah! The addition if the GT2 breathed new life into this little amp. Of course, it wasn’t the quite the same as playing through the other higher quality rigs I was using earlier, but I do have to say that I was pretty impressed with the quality of the sounds coming from that little amp after the GT2 was added.

Last but not least, I cozied up with our PC here in the office studio and began laying down tracks with the GT2. What I found was that the delicious sound of the GT2 translated into perfectly recorded tracks in Cakewalk. The only thing I had to do to keep the sound from having that familiar “direct-in” sound was liven up the reverb and add just a hair of delay. This gave some body to the sound and made it more natural sounding for recording purposes. It’s easy to overlook this if you’re used to using a SansAmp for live performance because you get the body from the acoustics of the amplification equipment and room dynamics. However, when recording direct just keep in mind that you’ll need to tweak the sound oh-so-little to get just the amount of ambience you’re looking for.

4114ryHMQTL._SL500_AA300_ Sans Amp GT2SansAmpGT2 Sans Amp GT2

The SansAmp GT2 is a direct-in or preamp-in tube amplifier emulator. Basically, that means this product helps the user reproduce that warm, natural sound of a tube amp, all while allowing the tonal personality of the instrument to remain unaltered. To go a step further, the GT2 doesn’t just emulate a “generic” tube sound, but instead can be adjusted to emulate the tones of some of the worlds greatest tube amps like Fender, Marshall, and Mesa/Boogie. And the best part is that getting these great tones is easy.


  1. bisa gk ditambahin skema potensiometernya ama saklar2nya..
    bnyk banget pad yg gk tau hrs dikemanain..
    baca skematicnya jd makin bingung nieh..(╥﹏╥)
    dimohon dengan sangat ya..

    –terima kasih banyak–

  2. Hi there!
    I saw your MOD on the SANSAMP GT-2, but i didn’t understand… Can you translate it for me?
    What kind of mod is that? How it works?


  3. saya sdh coba dan bhasil. bgus bnget wl msh pke gitar bolong. tp dengungnya rada gede. tapi kalo dipegang jack gitarnya,suaranya clear. apa disini ada yg tau bgm ngatasi hal ini..?
    mhon petunjuk dr master2 semua. trimz.

    1. kalo gitar bolong setau saya ga ada body ground nya!….
      satu satu nya cara ya ground nya kita pegang langsung ajj !…..

  4. duh cilaka 13. krn pake soket jack jelek,terminalnya ikut bputar ktk jackny bputar,positif input ma ground short jdinya. suara kresek2 lalu efeknya mati. kira2 apanya ya yg mati. tl072 dan trans 2n5088 dah aku gnti tp msh mati. apa mgkn kapasitor rusak.? yg biasanya rentan mati adalah komponen aktif spt IC n transistor. Mhon dg sangat bntuan agan2 yg jago elektronika. thx.

  5. trz utk matinya efek saya ni ada saran gk? apa mgkn kap MKM diinput dan sktrnya mati? mhn sarannya. kalo bwt ulang,nanggung bngt nieh..

    1. ukur aja semua komponen yang berhubungan langsung dengan jalur tegangan plus dan minus, apakah nilainya masih sesuai spesifikasi atau tidak. Atau coba cek dengan teliti setiap komponen apakah mungkin ada yang terbakar. Kalau memang kesulitan maka lebih baik jika dibangun ulang dari PCB baru.

  6. sudah bagus lg..
    maklum bwt dr awal lg.. kbtulan ada backup pcb MI Audio Crunch Box,Marshall DriveMaster,SansGT2, Guvnor,dan beberapa yg lain yg siap pake. tp krn komponen tbtas tpksa beberapa tpksa kanibal dr rangkaian yg jelek ato mati kyk DeathMetal kmrn.
    dsni susah bngd cr kmponen kyk kap MKM-MKP,res metalfilm,trans 5088-89, saklar 2P3T utk SanGT nie tpksj gnti rotari switch,dsb. yah jd pelajaran dah nie.
    oy jack cker yg mas blng to ap dr plastik dmana jack input tselubung smua to? dsni susah dptnya, wl ada susah dpt yg stereo,mahal lg,4rb sbiji,kalo mika dpt 2rb.
    bwt Elkit,jempol guede deh bwt posting ma komen2+solusinya. tmbh posting2nya ya,projek2 yg bgus ya? Elkit #1 dah..

  7. @Senilo:
    for more complete information about this Sans Amp GT-2, you can visit tonepad homepage and you can download this GT-2 project. Here’s the link:
    that explained the switch setting: MIC, MOD and AMP. you have to try to make this project. This is so awesome. You won’t be disappointed!

    1. Hi, thanks for answering, but i know the Tonepad SansAmp GT2, and i indeed intend to assembly one, but i didn’t understand what is your mod for? What’s the difference between your mod and the layout of Tonepad?

      Thank you very much!!

  8. baru ngeh nie..
    SansAmpGT2 ini termasuk booster juga ya? soalnya ini projek masuk ke menu booster..
    jadi gk perlu booster lagi donk..
    elkit, tambah projek2 berbau metal(super) ya..
    pokoke: Elkit#1 dah !

  9. @ariex
    mas gmana suara sans amp ini klo pake gitar bolong ap bagus?
    ak g pnya gitar listrik (pke gitar akustik biasa+pickup) jd mals buatnya, ampli jg cm rakitan.

  10. @novan. Menurut sy sie bgus ya krn sy bkn pemusik. Sy pke gitar bolong Yamaha dg preamp dg input microphone bkn pickup,gitar hsl minjem lg. Hehe..
    Blm smpt nyoba pd gitar listrik krn gk ada yg dpinjami.. LOL!

      1. @novan
        yupz.. bagus tenan nie dari yg pernah saya buat..
        gk kyk Death Metal yg mati pdhl dah saya coba buat ampe 2x, burning crunch(krank) yang bagus sie cuma tone kontrolnya gk bfungsi. dan bbrp yg lain yg jg gk jelas hidupnya..
        sekarang sy lagi buat project ZVex Box of Metal(metalboxer) dan Box of Rock. pengen sie buat PlexiTone( cuma gk ngerti ma komponennya.. entah mana yg bener tuh.. bingung abies..

  11. Maaf gan. mau nanya ni..
    tulisan dilayout sebelah atas yang menyebutkan :
    dan sebagainya itu apa ya?
    apakah itu komponen juga. kalau benar kenapa tidak disebutkan nama serta jenis komponennya?
    mohon pencerahannya. maklum masih tahap belajar.
    support buat elkit 🙂

  12. Wah sangat membantu sekali bagi GiTARIS MISKIN… seperti saya ini,, Gitaris miskin sangat terbantu dengan adanya informasi sperti ini…,,, mau beli efek mahal sekali /// GITARIS MLARAT…

    1. Coba mas digroundkan…. punya saya juga tadinya begitu, punya saya saya groundkan pake paku besi saya ke tancapkan ketahah yang lembab. sekarang sudah tidak mas…

  13. gun aq bikin kok gak keluar bunyinya ya kira2 ini ada masalah dimananya?
    komponennya tidak ada yg pakai komponen bekas. semua pakai komponen baru tapi kok gak ada suara yg keluar ya…
    mohon bantuannya..
    seandainya IC-nya mati bagaimana cara mengetesnya agar tahu kalau komponen itu mati…
    terima kasih sebelumnya..

  14. Salam gan..
    Effek sans amp-ku udah bisa nih.. tapi noisenya kok rada gede ya..
    Gimana cara nguranginnya..?
    Mohon bantuannya.

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