Efek Gitar, Overdrive

Marshall Guvnor


Ease of Use: This is an extremely diverse pedal. I can play everything from blues to Grunge to metal to funk to all out balls rock. It has a deep control to control-what else-the “depth” of the distortion, which is very nice. Just play with this pedal to get the perfect sound that you want, and that’s what you will get.

Sound: I use this pedal with an Ibanez GSA60 and a Vintage 65 Fender Super Reverb amp. I also use it with a V-AMP2, which has a noise gate control, so I can get all of the noise out of it when I’m not playing. But even without that, it is still a considerably quiet pedal. The sound of this pedal is absolutely astounding. It is absolutely the most diverse pedal I have ever played on and owned. I give this a five. Reliability & Durability: I could toss this into a washing Machine and it would come out as good as new. its built like a tank and can take a lot of abuse. I would definitely use this pedal at a gig without a backiup. I have on many occasions.

Impression: I play many varieties of rock, and this pedal is perfect for every type of it. I have been playing for quite a while, and have had my share of pedals, this, by far, is the best one I have owned. I wish I had known about this pedal years ago so that I could have purchased it then. If it were stolen it would be the very first thing that I would buy. I love this pedal, and if you are looking for that perfect sound and haven’t already found it, this is the distortion pedal for you.

marshall_guvnor-300x137 Marshall Guvnor

marshall_guvnor_pcb-300x85 Marshall Guvnor

R1       2K2
R2       10K
R3       1M
R4       47K
R5       47K
R6       680K
R7       1K
R8       680R
R9       1K5
R10      680R
R11      100R
R12      22K
R14      4K7
R16      2M2
C2       100p
C3       220n
C4       100n
C5       10n
C6       68n
C7       10uF
C8       220p
C9       220n
C10      100n
C11      220n
C12      10n
C13      4n7
C14      470p
C1       100n*

D1       1N4001
LED1   LED3mm
LED2   LED3mm
IC1      TL072

GAIN      B100K
TREB     B10K

marshall_guvnor_skema-300x137 Marshall Guvnor

gv2featurenew Marshall Guvnor

One Comment

  1. gambar layoutnya kecil banget, jd gk bisa melihat kode komponennya..
    schematicnya juga sama, kecil banget..
    gk bisa nentuin yg mana komponen2nya jadinya nieh..
    ada gambar versi yg besarnya gk?


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