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Fulltone Fat Boost

Ease of Use

Overall it’s a pretty straight forward pedal with only 4 knobs. Takes probably only 10 minutes to tweak it and produce a good sound.


This pedal is built like a tank I could see dropping it off a roof and it still working.

Customer Support

I’ve never had to call Fulltone but I’ve heard that Mike is a great guy so no issues there.

My Thoughts

Yet another great pedal from Fulltone, is there anything Mike can’t do? I personally leave this pedal on almost all the time. It works great for beefing up single coils and the treble trim pot is great for getting rid of a little bit of the “over-brightness” of some guitars like Telecaster’s. As well the bass trim pot is great for making humbuckers a little bit less muddy in some situations. This thing works great on non-master volume amps to push your tubes without blowing out your windows and pissing off the neighbors. It works even with master volume amps to push them even further, which is what I do. Of course it is going to work better with tube amps because it allows you to push the tubes much like a tube driver. It’s still great on solid state amps though to beef your sound up and tweak your EQ.

As for playing with a band it deffinatley helps to make to make your singal beefer and heard through all the noise. Which makes it useful whether you want to have it on all the time or use it for a boost in your solos. As well it’s useful in gigging situations when you need to switch between two guitars with different outputs, lets say a Strat with single coils and a SG with humbuckers. Becaues the SG is going to have a higher output turning on the Fat Boost when you switch to the Strat will help to equalize volume.

The best part of all this is you can use the Fat Boost with pretty much any instrument. I’ve heard of lots of acoustic players using these in the studio to fatten up their sound. I’ve even heard of some drummers using them in studio as well.


This pedal exceeded my expectations and if it was ever stolen or broken I would replace it the next day. I suggest you pick this pedal up from Amazon for the cheapest price. Overall I give it a 10/10 way to go Fulltone!

fat_booster_pcb-300x114 Fulltone Fat Boost

R1       1M
R2       1K
R3       1M
R4       1M

Q1       2N5457/J201/MPF102 (pilih salah satu)
Q2       2N5457/J201/MPF102 (pilih salah satu)

C1       10p
C2       220n
C3       3.3uF
C4       47n
C5       10uF

D1       4001

GAIN     500K-B
TONE     100K-A

Skema Fulltone Fat Boost

skema_fat_booster-300x210 Fulltone Fat Boost

FB-3%20promo%2072dpi%20smallest Fulltone Fat Boost


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